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Tired of relying on a dysfunctional and often unavailable system to get registered and submit claims? Frustrated with the hassle and lack of support? We understand.

Whether you've had an IOD (Injury on Duty) or simply want to ensure compliance, we at Valomate Medical Services are here to assist you every step of the way, from employer registration through to IOD acceptance.

Our team of skilled professionals can help you navigate the complexities COIDA. Let's make the process smoother and more supportive for you. Get in touch today!

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Our COID Registration Services

The process of registering at the WCF in accordance with the COID Act can be complex and time-consuming, excaserbated by the often unreliable compeasy system, which is why many people choose to use a specialised COIDA administrator, like Valomate Medical Services, to assist them.

Injury on Duty Event Registration & Acceptance

Our dedicated team specialises in prompt IOD registration, ensuring compliance and unlocking value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, and importantly, mitigating liability for employers.

Employer Registration, Assessments & Letter of Goodstanding

Our experienced team excels in facilitating employer registration, assessments and obtaining your Letter of Goodstanding, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Other COID Services

Make use of other COIDA services on offer, including ROEs, instalment arrangements, change of address, audit queries, cancellation of penalties, de-registration and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some common questions about the COIDA process and the services provided by Valomate Medical Services

  • You are required to report any IOD sustained by an employee of yours in the course of employment that results in personal injury which renders the employee unable to work for 3 or more days and for which medical treatment is required, or causes death.
  • You should report an IOD regardless of whether you agree with the employee that the injury sustained was work related.
  • Minor injuries where no medical attention is required, or where the employee was off work for less than 3 days should not be reported to the CF, however you should still keep a record of such injuries.
  • You are required to report an IOD within 7 days after having received notice of it from the employee or having learned of the IOD in some other way. VMS can assist you with the reporting of an IOD, whether within this timeframe, or beyond.

    Yes, the employer can claim back 75% of the injured employees' salary paid for the first three months following the accident. Contact us today for assistance in this regard.

    Any casual or full-time employee resident and working in SA who, as a result of an IOD become ill, injured, disabled, or killed (now including domestic workers employed in private households). There are nuances concerning workers who can and cannot claim; contact us today for more information!

    Do not fret - reach out to us today to solve your employer registration and register the IOD.

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